John Daly Passed Out Drunk at the Hooters in Winston-Salem

Pro Golfer John Daly, Mr. Grip It and Rip It, got sloshed at the Hooters on Hanes Square Circle and passed out in the restaurant.  The EMTs and police were called and after Daly refused to go to the hospital and the police realized he didn't have a ride they took him to the drunk tank for a 24-hour sober up session.  I have to ask: what was Daly doing in Winston-Salem? It's a great town, but it's not exactly a tourist mecca.  Also, how did he end up at Hooters without transportation?  I'm guessing whoever drove him there ditched him, but who knows.

Really sad.  I remember watching him fight a case of horrible DTs during one tournament and then watching the profile of him on 60 Minutes when he said that he was under control because he'd cut out hard liquor and was a beer-only guy now.  I guess that isn't working so well. 

1 thought on “John Daly Passed Out Drunk at the Hooters in Winston-Salem

  1. AMR

    As someone on a message board I frequent stated, he’s a modern day Otis Campbell.
    Though sponsored by Hooters, he still should have walked over to Wild Wing Cafe — the wings are much better there.


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