How I’ve Come to Hate Elizabeth Dole

Below is a video I created to show how many robocalls and direct mailers we've gotten from various politicians over the last few weeks.  The vast majority of calls came from or on behalf of Elizabeth Dole, and they're all negative.  I have no idea what she's like as a person, but after the last two weeks I can tell you that I hate her guts as a politician.  What's interesting to me is that we haven't received one robocall from a Democrat, but a lot of the mail came from Democrats.  Anyway, enjoy:

2 thoughts on “How I’ve Come to Hate Elizabeth Dole

  1. Steve Erickson

    The great thing about newspapers going down is that it opens the door for people like yourself to write your own column(blog) and forward me information about your life, your story, your children, your town, your voicemail. Its like having a friend that shows up at your house and just talks with you. I appreciate your stories, your self deprecating humor and your honesty.
    Thank you


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