The Beer Dads Podcast

I have the great fortune of doing a podcast with two good friends. The topic? Being dads. The format? Talking about being dads while we drink a beer (or a few). The name? The Beer Dads Podcast. Creative huh?

Below are links to our shows. Give us a listen and let me know what you think.

Show #1 – When Your Daughter Brings Home Her Boyfriend from College

Show #2 – Showtime!

Show #3 – You and Your Teen Driver, or, How to Stare Death in the Face

Show #4 – Allowances, or, Show Me the Money!

Show #5 – Social Media and What It Does to Dads

Show #6 – School Choice: Figuring Out How Your Child Learns

Show #7 – House Divided: When Parents Think Differently

Show #8 – Homework, or, How to Go 0-Whinety in Six Seconds Flat

Show #9 – Dating, or, Girls Are Not Just Lumpy Boys

Show #10 – The Dreaded ‘You Should Knock First!’ AKA What Happens When You Catch Your Kid Masturbating

Show #11 – Positive Motivation: How to nudge your kids along with a smile instead of a frown

Show #12 – Kid Herding, or, The Beer Dads Show Our Grumpy Side

Show #13 – Censorship: What in the world are you watching/listening to?

Show #14 – Mother’s and Mother’s Day. Co-Broadcast with Ten to Twenty Parenting!

Show #15 – Food, glorious food. Our second simulcast, this time with Tart & Tangy Triad!

Show #16 – Grief. We know it has to happen, so how do we deal with it?

Show #17 – Do As I Say. How to Talk to Your Kids About How You Were a Kid

Show #18 – Moving Kids

Show #19 – Traveling With Kids

Show #20 – Father’s Day! Celebrating the best guys we know: Dads!

Show #21 – Traveling Part 2 – Travails. How NOT to act on a trip!

Link to shows 22 through 43

Link to shows 44 through 64