Bellwether for Newspapers. Anyone Want in On the W-S Journal Dead Pool?

The Christian Science Monitor is leading the way to what is probably going to be the future for most daily newspapers:

'Christian Science Monitor' To Cease Daily Publication
Signaling a fundamental shift in the publishing industry, The Christian Science Monitor
today announced plans to shift from daily to a weekly print publishing
format. In turn, the national newspaper plans to invest heavily in its
Web presence.

"We're the first national paper to
switch to a web first strategy," said John Yemma, editor of the
newspaper, which is more than 100 years old and has won seven Pulitzer
Prizes. "We need to make it first rather than secondary, so we can make
it more of a go-to destination."

Anyone want to start a dead pool for various print dailies?  Not that the whole shebang will die, just the daily printed version.  I'm going to go short on the Winston-Salem Journal and say that they have 18 months before they take similar action.  They may not go to printing once weekly, but I can easily see them down to Wednesday through Sunday by then. 

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