How Many Food Insecure People Don’t Qualify for Federal Food Programs?


Hunger Fact of the Day:

Feeding America’s Map the Meal Gap shows that 23% of people who are food insecure in NWNC are ineligible for Food and Nutrition Services (formerly Food Stamps), while 24% of food insecure children live in households with incomes that make them ineligible for federal child nutrition programs.

Today’s sponsor:

Pit Stops for Hope. I met Ray Wright from Pit Stops for Hope at a Second Harvest Food Bank dinner a couple of years ago and have been amazed at what he and his organization have done to invest in children through their aid to food banks and teachers.

Activity Day 31: Ended May with a late night walk and man was it humid! It was almost like you could chew the air it was so thick.  We had a bear sighting a few miles from our neighborhood yesterday, so I was a bit apprehensive but I figured I was sweaty (and smelly) enough that I wouldn’t have been appetizing to the critter so I just put it out of my mind.

Miles walked/run: 5.8 miles. Here’s the screenshot from my FitBit:


Miles remaining in challenge: 204.78. Closing in on the <200 mile mark!

Want to donate to support Second Harvest? It’s easy to do right here!



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