5 Ways We’re Proving Marx Right

Because calling someone/something Marxist is as damning a critique as we have in America it's important to share the last part of this piece from Rolling Stone first so that we can keep an open mind for the author's main thesis – that in five ways Marx accurately predicted the current state of our capitalist world:

Marx was wrong about many things. Most of his writing focuses on a critique of capitalism rather than a proposal of what to replace it with – which left it open to misinterpretation by madmen like Stalin in the 20th century. But his work still shapes our world in a positive way as well…

Without further ado here are the five ways Marx accurately predicted the effects of capitalism:

  1. The Great Recession (Capitalism's Chaotic Nature)
  2. The iPhone 5S (Imaginary Appetites)
  3. The IMF (The Globalization of Capitalism)
  4. Walmart (Monopoly)
  5. Low Wages, Big Profits (The Reserve Army of Industrial Labor)

Reading the rationale for all five is definitely worth the time.


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