Lewisville 2013 Candidates Update

With four days left to register we have the following candidates registered to run for seats on Lewisville's Town Council:

Dan Pugh (Incumbent)

Jeff Zenger (Incumbent)
Robert Greene (Incumbent)
Mike Horn (past council member)
Fred Franklin (Incumbent)
Ed Smith (Incumbent)
Ken Sadler (past council member) 

The only current members of the council who haven't filed are Sandra Mock and Tom Lawson, and since Mr. Lawson has reached his term limit he can't file.

If no one else files then this election will be dull as dirt since there are only six seats on the council, plus the mayor, so everyone will be running unopposed if things stand as they are. On the positive side we could save a lot of trees since our candidates won't have to print any signs.

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