Matt Taibbi’s Advice to the Occupy Wall Street Folks

Rolling Stone columnist Matt Taibbi, the guy who's had his teeth into Wall Street for a while now and just won't let go, has some advice for the Occupy Wall Street folks.  You definitely need to read the whole thing to see the point-by-point demands he recommends they make (Break Up the Monopolies, Pay for Your Own Bailouts, No Public Money for Private Lobbying, Tax Hedge-Fund Gamblers, Change the Way Bankers Get Paid), but I thought I'd share this paragraph because it struck a chord with me:

That, to me, speaks volumes about the primary challenge of opposing the 50-headed hydra of Wall Street corruption, which is that it's extremely difficult to explain the crimes of the modern financial elite in a simple visual. The essence of this particular sort of oligarchic power is its complexity and day-to-day invisibility: Its worst crimes, from bribery and insider trading and market manipulation, to backroom dominance of government and the usurping of the regulatory structure from within, simply can't be seen by the public or put on TV. There just isn't going to be an iconic "Running Girl" photo with Goldman Sachs, Citigroup or Bank of America – just 62 million Americans with zero or negative net worth, scratching their heads and wondering where the hell all their money went and why their votes seem to count less and less each and every year.

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