My Hero

When our kids were little they screamed all the time and when they screamed in restaurants or stores we'd get them to hush or take them outside to keep from annoying the other patrons.  We'd also use the opportunity to give them some in-depth instruction as to why screaming in a restaurant wasn't cool with us.  You can imagine that it annoys me to no end when other parents don't do the same, but sit there and let their kids rant and rave and run around like a bunch of banshees.  Having suffered through more of those little heathens' behavior than I care to remember I read this story and almost jumped out of my chair while screaming YESSSSSS!

The owner of a coastal restaurant is fed up with screaming children who bother other diners.

So Brenda Armes has posted signs at Olde Salty restaurant in Carolina Beach that read "Screaming children will not be tolerated." She told WECT-TV in Wilmington that the signs have worked by attracting more customers than they turn away…

If a child is screaming, Armes says, a restaurant employee will ask the parent to take the child outside. The child won't be asked to leave the restaurant for good.

2 thoughts on “My Hero

  1. yarddawg

    What is the world coming to? It’s unimaginable to me that some parents actually have to be asked to teach their kids proper manners or behavior.


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