Why Maybe Progressives Aren’t Bat—t Crazy

Lex offers a detailed assessment of why the progressives might not be bat—t crazy. I'm so confused.

Here's just a taste of what Lex had to say:

Just how bad has Joe Lieberman crapped all
over the whole debate on health-care reform? Bad enough that right now,
I think it’s time he not only gets no health care, it’s time he gets
intestinal cancer in a part of the world where morphine is as yet
undiscovered. I mean, really, what kind of sociopath do you have to be
to disregard those 45,000 annual deaths and singlehandedly chop up a
bill to create something that:

  • Mandates that every American buy expensive insurance from private
    companies without the choice of a public option and lets the IRS fine
    you if you don’t
  • Severely taxes middle-class health care plans, rather than wealthy individuals
  • Increases insurance premiums about $1,000 a year
  • Increases health care costs
  • Continues to exempt health-insurance companies from antitrust laws, inhibiting competition
  • Provides a sweet deal for pharmaceutical manufacturers while
    denying the government the ability to negotiate for lower drug prices
    for Medicare, something Democrats actually promised three years ago.
  • Apparently won’t let the government import drugs from cheaper foreign sources. I’m told my own junior senator, Kay Hagan, was arguing tonight that this was a “safety” issue, which must come as a surprise to the dozens of other countries that do this every day.
  • Grants monopolies on new biologic drugs so they will never become generics
  • Offers NO public option
  • Offers NO Medicare expansion, even in return for payment, for 55- to 64-year-olds.
  • Limits insurance-company payouts, contrary to President Obama’s promise in September
  • Raises taxes in January while not beginning benefits until 2014.

Really, I'm sooooo confused which makes me believe that the powers-that-be have us just where they want us. 

2 thoughts on “Why Maybe Progressives Aren’t Bat—t Crazy

  1. Tom

    Thanks for this. Inspired me to write Sen Hagan to express in my own words (and a few points from this list) my concern and disappointment about what is happening in the Senate about this “reform” circus. I’ve never done that before.
    Next thing, I think I’ll go tell the W-S traffic planners about the crazy things I’ve seen at the traffic circles here in L’ville at either end of the bridge. They don’t need that at Cloverdale & Miller.

  2. Jon Lowder

    My pleasure. I definitely recommend reading Lexs stuff. He used to
    cover the health care beat for the News and Record. Glad that you got
    involved and feel free to leave another comment with any feedback you


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