10 to 15 Inches and Maybe a White Christmas?

AMR emailed to let me know about a cool weather blog he's found that called for a significant weather storm here well before the local weather experts did.  In reading his most recent update about tomorrow's projected storm I was stunned to find this:

A major winter storm is about to slam Virginia and North Carolina as a
s/w trough diving down the front range partially or potentially fully
phases with a an area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico and
produced a rather potent storm which will move just of the southeast
coast tomorrow and Saturday. It is still unclear as to how much phasing
will occur and exactly who gets the snow. The idea I am working on is
that much of Virginia and western and northern North Carolina see a big
snow, perhaps 10-15 inches in parts of those states.

A little later in the post he writes this:

Beyond this Christmas week looks cold for most of us and like I have
been saying all week the Christmas storm is a threat for the southern
and eastern US. I didn’t like the lakes cutter idea and still don’t
thanks to the massive block over eastern Canada. I still think we could
see a disruptive winter storm Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
potentially for the southern and eastern US.

A white Christmas…in NC?  Methinks hell hath frozen over.

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