Predictable News: Group Moving Homeless People Into Empty Foreclosed Houses

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened:

But in nearly every other respect, he is unlike any real estate
agent you've ever met. He is unshaven, drives a beat-up car and wears
grungy cut-off sweat pants. He also breaks into the homes he shows. And
his clients don't have a dime for a down payment.

Rameau is
an activist who has been executing a bailout plan of his own around
Miami's empty streets: He is helping homeless people illegally move
into foreclosed homes.

“We're matching homeless people with peopleless homes,” he said with a grin.

and a group of like-minded advocates formed Take Back the Land, which
also helps the new “tenants” with secondhand furniture, cleaning
supplies and yard upkeep. So far, he has moved six families into
foreclosed homes and has nine on a waiting list.

Later in the article Rameau says he's not afraid of being arrested and that he's doing the homeowners a service by helping prevent vandalism and destruction of property.  I guess that's why he has to break in.

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