Latisse: For Your Lashes, Not Your Garden

According to Scientific American a new drug that promotes eyelash growth has been approved by the FDA.  From the article:

The med, called Latisse, should be available by March from a doctor or
with a prescription from one. Price tag: $120 for a month’s supply.
According to manufacturer Allergan, the drug usually nets results two
to four months after users start it. Potential side effects: Some 4
percent of users experience eye itching and redness, and it may also
temporarily darken the skin of the eyelid, according to the company.

You'll know when the drug has hit the market when you start to see lots of women walking around with eyelids that look like Lon Chaney's. On another note, if you're spending $120 a month for eyelashes then they better be long enough to string a violin.  Sheesh.

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