Nissen House Move December 31, 2008 in Lewisville, NC

Nissen House Lewisville NCThey started moving the historic Nissen House in Lewisville today, but they didn't have enough daylight to complete the job so they played it safe and decided to leave it on the edge of it's current lot and move it down the street tomorrow morning at 7:30. That's 7:30 a.m. on New Year's Day.  I wonder how many people will be hung over during the move tomorrow?

While I was hanging out and taking pictures I got to speak to the former owner of the house.  He told me that the foundation, parts of which you can see in front of the house in the picture to the right, was in such bad shape that no one would touch it for less than $30,000.  He said that was one of the reasons he ended up putting it on the market and selling it to the dentists who plan to erect a new building for their practice on the lot.

The house is being moved a block down the hill and will be on the corner of Arrow Leaf and the side driveway entrance for Lewisville Elementary School.

Below are more pics I took of today's "action".  The first picture gives you an idea of the scale of the operation since there's a man standing under the house.  In the second picture you'll see the cameraman from Fox 8 TV.  He's a co-worker of Stewart "Lenslinger" Pittman.

Nissen House with Man Standing Under It

Fox 8 Cameraman in front of Nissen House

7 thoughts on “Nissen House Move December 31, 2008 in Lewisville, NC

  1. Jon Lowder

    Hey Chris, it was nice meeting you too. I don’t think I’ll be there at the crack of dawn either but I might stumble over in the mid-morning. Have a great new year!

  2. Jon Lowder

    Ah, so now I’ve met the real talent over there at Fox 8:) BTW, loved your how to shoot home video piece. If only I’d seen it four years ago…
    Have a great new year!

  3. Deb Phillips

    Well, drats, I missed getting to meet you, Jon! I was there – but just didn’t realize you were, too. Maybe next time.
    The Nissen House is now on its new site but has not yet been placed on the footings. That’s supposed to occur on Monday, January 5.


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