Now THAT is a Subject Line

I get enough email on any given day that it really takes a special subject line to grab my attention.  My Dad managed it today with one word: Pricks.

Now my Dad's not a cusser so when he uses salty language it really sticks out.  His email was in response to this post about how I'd like our next leader of the financial sector to be described. I really like what he wrote:

Most of the high net worth people I see in my marketing efforts work
with people they like. Many times this is a tragedy because the client
seldom does the due diligence they should when following the advice of
someone they like. Neither party wants to offend the other. The prick
(he may or may not really be a prick) doesn't care since he is more
concerned with communicating or doing what he perceives to be right. We
just hope that that person(s) is principled and competent. May our
public officials take principled positions and may we as members of our
society accept what we don't want to hear. How do you like that shift
from the Micro to the Macro.

Put another way, I'll take a competent jerk over an incompetent clown any day, especially when it comes to my money.

Now I'm just waiting for an email from my Mom with the subject "A-holes" and I'll have seen everything.

1 thought on “Now THAT is a Subject Line

  1. Fec

    I couldn’t talk about this while the deal was going down, but our realtor suggested a mortgage broker she’d never used and a friend. The new guy called back first and got the business. He played us a YouTube video of his kid’s rock band while his ancient printer churned out the loan docs. He was managing Please Welcome, the worst name for a band I’d ever heard.
    Everything went fine, but it was scary.


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