I’m an Idiot. I Thought This Was the Texas Tech Contingent Cheering for Belmont Boys

Texas Tech Contingent Cheering for Belmont Boys
**Update** I’m an idiot.  As you’ll see from my post below, made from my smartphone during the game between Georgetown and Belmont, I thought those folks in red were Texas Tech fans.  It was in fact the Belmont contingent.  During the game I was so impressed that the Texas Tech fans would be so enthusiastic in their support of the underdog Belmont team.  It wasn’t until leaving that I saw that their shirts all said Belmont on them.  The sad part is I wasn’t even drinking!

Best part of the game came towards the end.  The Georgetown fans, who would like to think of themselves as Dookie-like, started chanting "Where is Belmont?" and a heartbeat later the Belmont fans started chanting "What’s a Hoya?"

Last note about the game.  How cool is it that Belmont, with an enrollment of 4,500 students, easily had the largest and loudest contingent of the four schools playing in the day session in Winston-Salem.  They dwarfed the Boston College, Texas Tech and Georgetown crowds.  Actually the largest contingent after the Belmont crowd were the UNC fans who were waiting for the night session.  You could recognize them in their varied array of powder blue shirts and hats, khaki shorts and slacks, and the remnants of cheap wine and Velveeta crusted to their lips from their tailgating soirees.

Original post made from my smartphone: The Texas Tech crowd is cheering very loudly for Belmont, as are all the UNC fans who are at the day session.  That whole section of red you see to the right has yet to sit down.
As I thumb-type this the Belmont kids are up 9-4 with only 35:51 left in the game!

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