2 thoughts on “Texas Tech scoring in first half

  1. Chip Hayner

    Thanks for the kind words, Jon! As one of the Belmont fans in red, I have to tell you that we had a great time, and felt very welcomed regardless of our size (or for that matter our chances of winning!) Being from a small conference, we feel very fortunate to make the Tourney two years in a row — but as long as our team keeps going, you’ll be sure to find the Belmont faithful cheering them on!

  2. Jon Lowder

    Chip, I definitely understand your excitement. I’m a George Mason alum, and although GMU is a huge school in comparison to Belmont (GMU has over 30,000 students) the school never had a major athletic accomplishment in a mainstream sport until last year’s run to the Final Four, so when we do get to the tournament we get pretty excited too. We almost made it again this year, but VCU knocked us out in the CAA finals with some amazing last minute heroics.
    Hopefully we’ll see Belmont and GMU back again next year. Again, I loved how your guys played and how your fans cheered. You definitely picked up at least one more fan in Winston-Salem.


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