Reading List October 18, 2005

  • Quote of the Day (Blog on the Run) – "… by refusing to ridicule the ridiculous, by watering down every
    criticism into a mannered circumlocution, we have created an
    environment where idiots thrive unchallenged." — PZ Myers
  • The Times Speaks, Kinda, Sorta (Blog on the Run) – Lex Alexander, a fine journalist in his own right, takes the New York Times to task for their handling of their own story – the journalist who was held in contempt in the Plame case.  Basically he says they screwed the pooch.
  • Thinking of Joining a Startup? (A VC) – Fred Wilson points to a checklist of questions you should answer to determine if joining a startup is right for you.
  • Rethinking Reed’s Law (A VC) – Some really smart business people talk some serious math re. network effects and make my brain hurt.
  • While Boomers Were Busy Watching Their Retirement Accounts (Matt McAlister) – An interesting look at the differences between the Boomers’ form of rebelliousness and Gen X’s form of rebelliousness.  Actually it’s more a comparison of what they rebelled against.

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