Reading List August 7, 2005

  • Web 2.0: It’s a Great Time to be an Investor (Venturepreneur Partners) – An article by a venture capitalist that explains how the Web is changing from a "medium where information is simply published and remains static, into a
    platform where applications reside and services are distributed."
  • How to Write Using Stream of Conversation (Rexblog) – "I believe those of us who try to understand and interpret what is
    taking place when social media intersect with traditional media often
    place an emphasis on the idea that the article is the beginning of a conversation. However, reading Joi’s complete post, I’m reminded that an article (or post or story) comes mid-stream in the conversation."
  • Outgrowing the Grownup (Moore’s Lore) – How Eric Schmidt might be screwing up Google.
  • Google Balances Privacy, Reach (CNET via Moore’s Lore) –  Is Google a threat to your privacy?
  • The War on Truth ( – An opinion piece about the "war on truth" currently being waged by conservatives in American politics.
  • The Drawdown Lowdown (Reason Express) –  Possible scenarios for US troop reductions in Iraq.
  • The London Flypaper (Reason Express) – "Standard pro-war flypaper doctrine has all the young Muslims
    flocking to Iraq to die for Allah, not staying home and trying to blow stuff up.
    Pointing this out does not mean claiming that George Bush is to blame for the London bombing of 7/21 or 7/7,
    the straw man that Bush supporters love to toss up."
  • Up in Smoke (New York TImes Magazine) – The Freakonomics guys look at what happened to crack cocaine.
  • Ostentatious Obscurity ( – Owners publicize their restaurant by making it a secret; unlisted phone number, no signs, hostess that denies its existence.  Only in New York.
  • Rules of Success-The Path of Least Resistance (Blog Maverick) – Mark Cuban says that the secret to success is providing the path of least resistance, or in other words make things as easy as possible for customers, not yourself.

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