Voting in Winston Salem, NC

In July I moved to Winston-Salem, NC from Northern Virginia, where I
had lived most of my life. The election experience here has been very
different from any election in the past.

of this is due to the huge turnout this year, which would have made the
election different back in NoVa too. But there are little things that
I’ve noticed too:

1. I voted in a church today!  I’ve never heard of that before, and I don’t know if it would fly in NoVa.

We had punch cards here, and our "booth" was a little tabletop thing
set up on a 6′ long folding table. In NoVa we had real booths, with a
curtain and levers to pull. Two observations here: I finally understand
hanging chads, and if I really wanted to I could have peeked at the
folks next to me when they were voting.

3. I had to stand in two
lines today, one to sign in and receive my ballot and the second to
actually vote. 45 minutes in the first and 45 minutes in the second.
Longest line I’ve ever been in to vote before was about four people

All in all though, I like it better here in Winston-Salem. Because the
town is smaller I think the votes feel like they really count.

1 thought on “Voting in Winston Salem, NC

  1. Maureen Margadonna

    You had a better experinece than my last. I’m originally from NJ, but love it here. Except for the voting. #couples, heck probably whole families can enter the ‘booth’ together. To insure that the little woman votes as told to?
    #last election, handed a paper & directed to a booth, such as it was. A little counter-top with a pen attached. Yes, a pen, not even a punch card.
    #Looked at my ballot to see it was already filled in. Yup!
    #Returned it to the confused electors, one of whom chirpped, “Well, that’s where that ballot went.”
    #Left without further adoo, vowing to only vote downtown in the new County offices where it feels like really voting.


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