What is podcasting? From ipodder.org:

how a desktop aggregator works. You subscribe to a set of feeds, and
then can easily view the new stuff from all of the feeds together, or
each feed separately.

Podcasting works the same way, with one exception. Instead of reading the new content on a computer screen, you listen to the new content on an iPod or iPod-like device."

The site is also contains a directory of podcasts.

Implications for business publishers:

  1. Opens up a possible new content stream, much like web conferencing did a few years back.
  2. This is more directly relevant because of RSS distribution, i.e. it is passive for the listener but active for the publisher.
  3. Reinforces
    the importance of having an effective advertising program set up. Why?
    Because ad buyers will jump at the chance to reach a niche audience,
    and by offering multiple media formats addressing one "deep" niche
    business publishers will offer advertisers the most efficient means for
    those buyers to reach the market.
  4. New talent needed…most reporters/editors won’t do too well in front of the microphone.

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