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West Forsyth High School Receives Accolades

The high school that all three of my kids attended (youngest is about to graduate) is one of the best in NC and in the top 400 in the nation according to US News & World Report:

West Forsyth High School ranks #2 and Lucy Ragsdale High ranks #6 in North Carolina, according to the publication.

In the 2014 rankings, 34 North Carolina schools received silver medals and 61 received bronze medals. The only two schools that earned gold medals were Green Hope High in Cary and West Forsyth High in Clemmons.

According to the publication, at West Forsyth High School “students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP participation rate at West Forsyth High is 61 percent. The student body makeup is 51 percent male and 49 percent female, and the total minority enrollment is 32 percent. West Forsyth High is 1 of 15 high schools in the Forsyth County Schools.”

West Forsyth High School Announcement on Cyberbullying

Just received the announcement below via email from the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system. I haven't watched the video yet, but I plan to:

November 1, 2010

Parents and Guardians,

Starting on November 3rd through November 10th, your student will view a video clip titled, "Cyberbullying: You Can't Take it Back" by Netsmartz through their 4th period class. Netsmartz is a site created to educate teens, parents, and educators concerning the use of technology and the Internet. In a continued effort to provide all students a safe and caring environment that enables them to work to their optimum potential, students will watch the video and teachers will hold a class discussion on the topic. The Guidance Department believes in order to be effective in addressing the issue of bullying everyone must be involved – faculty, students, and parents.

We encourage you to watch, "Cyberbullying: You Can't Take it Back." The link is provided below. If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Guidance Department at 336-712-4403.

"Cyberbullying: You Can't Take It Back" (Part 2 of 3) A teen regrets his participation on a web site created to rate others at his school.

West Forsyth Guidance Department

Protecting Our High School Kids from the President of the United States of America

Today I received the following message from our kids' high school:

West Forsyth families… this message is to inform you that President Obama will be giving a back-to-school speech on Tuesday, September 14  at 1 p.m. He gave a similar speech last year in which he encouraged students to work hard, stay in school and graduate.

The school system will be showing the President's speech again this year. If you would prefer your student not watch the speech, please send a note with him or her on Tuesday.

Thank you.

I truly, truly, truly don't get this.  What have we come to when a back-to-school speech from the President is treated like sex-ed?  And I don't say this just because it's this President.  I'd say it if we were talking about either President Bush, President Clinton, President Reagan, President Carter, etc.  

What's even more troubling is that these are high school kids we're talking about. I can't believe parents feel like their kids aren't mature enough to take what they hear from the President, evaluate it, discuss it and then make their own judgments. 

For the record I don't really blame the school administrators; they're obviously reacting to feedback they received last year and are putting a system in place in anticipation of a similar reaction from parents this year. I'm just supremely disappointed that some members of my generation feel like they've raised kids who aren't smart enough to figure out for themselves whether or not a speech from the President is an innocuous message of encouragement, or some sort of "liberal propaganda" disguised as a back to school speech.  

West Forsyth H.S., Mathematician’s Paradise

For the second time in three years a West Forsyth H.S. math teacher has been named Teacher of the Year in the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system.  Hopefully this means my kids will leave H.S. with a much stronger grasp of the subject than their old man has.

Congrats to Heather King for the recognition.