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NC Senator Co-Sponsoring “Repatriation Holiday” Bill

If you had to guess which North Carolina Senator, Republican Richard Burr or Democrat Kay Hagan, was co-sponsoring a bill with former Republican Presidential candidate John McCain that would provide a "tax holiday" for multinational firms which would you guess?  Of course it wouldn't be blog-worthy if it was Sen. Burr, so you'd be right if you guessed Sen. Hagan.  Over at Tax.com Christopher Bergin isn't too happy about it:

Why am I worked up? Because tomorrow two Senators, Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican John McCain plan to introduce a bill they will call the Foreign Earnings Reinvestment Act to provide a repatriation holiday. They should really call it the Outrageous Grab Under False Pretenses Act…

Why? In part because the U.S. economy stinks and they see an opening, neatly laid out in WIN America's mission statement: "We have an opportunity right now to make a significant investment in our struggling economy, boost U.S. businesses, and help put people back to work." They urge that "Congress should pass legislation to offer an immediate reduction of taxation on income earned overseas by innovative American businesses to allow that money to be brought home and invested in the United States." 

Trust me, there's nothing innovative or new here. The Heritage report correctly points out that this proposed “sequel to a similar 2004 holiday would, like its predecessor, have a minuscule effect on domestic investment and thus have a minuscule effect on the U.S. economy and job creation." So, the idea is that you line the pockets of large corporations at a time when regular taxpayers are struggling to hold onto their jobs, their houses and their way of life.