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Spencer Needs Help Getting His Face Out of the Mud on Farmville

Bad: Your personal assistant quits.

Worse: She does so in a creative white board slide show emailed to about 20 of your co-workers.

Worser: She lets everyone know you called her a HPOA – hot piece of (use your imagination) – on the phone with someone.

Worst: She reveals how you spend time online, and the majority of that time is spent on…Farmville?! 

Spencer, Jenny's got your number.

Jon Just Planted His Field of Incredulousness on Farmville

One of my pet peeves about Facebook was getting all those stupid apparently profitable notices about what my friends were doing on Farmville or Mafia Wars.  Thankfully someone showed me how to hide those things, but I'm guessing my lack of participation hasn't hurt the games' parent company, which according to this article may be valued at $1 billion.  You read that right, billion with a "b."  From the article:

That could make San Francisco-based Zynga the third-largest U.S. video-game publisher by market capitalization, bigger than Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., the maker of crime-game franchise “Grand Theft Auto.” New York-based Take-Two had 2008 sales of $1.54 billion and has a market value of $909 million.

Zynga will have revenue of $210 million this year and $355 million next year, according to Justin Smith, founder of the industry-tracking Web site Inside Social Games. The figures are based on estimates of Zynga’s revenue per player across all its games and its number of daily active users, Smith said.

H/T to Ed Cone for the link.