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A Thousand Words


I really like what Rex Hammock has written about the photo of the White House situation room during the attack on bin Laden's compound. I like it because I had exactly the same reaction when I first saw it, but I wasn't smart enough to do what he did in determining that the focus of the picture is really Hillary Clinton's expression:

But, upon further examination, I’ve decided this photo’s true power can best be understood by looking at it, as one can do on Flickr, at the original size it was posted,  4996 x 2731 pixels (click to slide show, then “view all sizes). At this size, you can see the photo as its photographer saw it through the lens — or the photo-editor who chose it might.

At 4996 x 2731, you can immediately see the photo’s focal point is Hillary Clinton — more specifically, her eyes.

The photo tells a story of an entire room of people, but this is a photograph of Hillary Clinton. And, frankly, it is one of the most powerful, honest photographs you’ll ever see of a public figure.