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Congrats to a/perture

Looks like Lawren and crew over at a/perture are making a nice splash in the Triad.  They won "Runner Up" in the "Best Blog" and "Best Facebooker" categories in Yes! Weekly's Best of 2010 survey.  Oh, and probably a little more important to them, they were "Noteworthy" in the "Best Cinema" category.

I'm still trying to get down there for beer and a movie.  Maybe next week I'll finally get the chance.

Oh So Terribly Happy at a/perture

A couple of days ago I had a chance to take a sneak peak at a flick titled Terribly Happy that's currently playing at a/perture.  The best way I can describe it is it's kind of like a Danish version of Fargo, without the wood chipper.  It might not be as gruesome as Fargo, but the bog outside the tiny town where the film is set sees its share of bodies.

The premise isn't too revolutionary: big city cop goes a little cuckoo, gets shrinked and then gets sent to a small town to get his head straight while on the job.  Small towns being what they are, the locals are more than a little weird and the cop gets himself tangled up in their weirdness in short order.  I guess you could compare it to Deliverance, but the locals all have their teeth and there's not a banjo to be found anywhere.

If you like movies that are a little off-beat, have some tension and don't mind a little violence I think you'll like Terribly Happy.  Personally I love films with strange characters and a little edge to them so I really liked this one.

As with North Face (which I reviewed here) this is more proof that a/perture is bringing in foreign films (yes, with subtitles) that just about any local moviegoer will find entertaining.  Sure there's a place in this world for art films, but I like the fact that a/perture is bringing in films that have a mainstream-ish plot and just happen to have dialogue in a non-English tongue. 

311 W. Fourth St. (Across from
Mellow Mushroom)
Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: 336-722-8148
Terribly Happy runs at a/perture through April 8