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a/perture in The Street

Winston-Salem's a/perture cinema was recently profiled for a story in The Street about alternative forms of raising funds for small businesses:

The art-house movie theater in Winston-Salem, N.C., needs $50,000 to snag a lease to rent the lower level of the building that will open up space for an additional screening room and larger lobby.

But the owners are tapped out. The business' long-term debt includes a recent bank loan that is funding an expensive film-to-digital conversion.

So a/perture cinema is trying something new to find financing. The art-house is asking its customers, fans, friends and family, and other independent cinema enthusiasts to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign onIndiegogo.

"It's kind of now or never, so we need to get the community behind us and those who just want to keep art-house theaters open around the country on board," curator Lawren Desai says.

Last I heard Lawren and her crew were about half-way to their goal. They're a great asset to the Camel City so hopefully they'll get there.

Doctor vs. Big Pharma and Government: Burzynski at a/perture

Cancer is insidious and I'd venture a guess that almost every person in America has been touched by the disease.  Whether it's a family member, a co-worker or a friend we know someone who has had cancer and we've seen first hand how it decimates them and their loved ones.  That's why watching Burzynski, the movie will likely infuriate you.

The movie is a documentary about a doctor and chemist named, you guessed it, Burzynski who discovered a revolutionary treatment for cancer more than 30 years ago. Thanks to battles with myriad government and private entities his treatment has had difficulty getting approved for advanced clinical trials, and has only been available to a limited number of patients as a result.  That's all I'm going to say about the actual content of the movie for fear of spoiling it, but I will say that while I found the movie to be obviously slanted towards supporting Dr. Burzynski, it also provides compelling and objective evidence in support of its stance.  I also found it refreshingly absent of the kind of stunts that Michael Moore has made popular with his movies, and instead relies on public documents, interviews and public hearings to make its case.

All that's not to say that the movie is boring or slow.  To the contrary the pacing seems just right, there's very little redundancy in the evidence presented and yet it still seems thorough.  As a result Burzynski is compelling, the story infuriating and it's a movie I highly recommend seeing.

Burzynski, the movie is appearing this weekend (May 29-30) through next week at a/perture cinema (across from Mellow Mushroom on Fourth Street in downtown Winston-Salem) was written, directed and produced by Eric Merola. You can find show times on a/perture's website.

You Gotta See North Face at a/perture This Weekend

Last night I got a sneak preview of North Face and I can tell you without reservation that if you're in town this weekend you really should head over to a/perture and see it.  Since I'm not a professional reviewer I won't even try to sway you with descriptions of the cinematography (okay, it was awesome) or go into great detail about the acting (okay, it was superb).  What I will tell you is that:

  • It will have you on the edge of your seat
  • You'll feel a might bit cold watching it
  • You'll totally forget that it's a German movie with subtitles

The film is set in 1936 and is based on a true story.  Here's the setup:

  • No one has ever climbed the north face of the Eiger
  • The Olympics are coming to Germany and a bunch of German Alpinists want to be the first to climb the north face so that they'll be able to bask in their glory at the Olympics
  • The Germans haven't annexed Austria yet, but they're planning it and that plays into the plot
  • Two young German climbers (our heroes) decide to give it a go
  • They're competing with two Austrians to make it to the top

Add a love interest to this mix and you've got a nice plot. Add the aforementioned cinematography and acting and you've got a really good movie.  Since I have two thumbs I'm going to point them both up for this one.

Here's the skinny on showtimes at a/perture.  Really, you should go (they serve beer and wine!)

311 W. Fourth St. (Across from Mellow Mushroom)
Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: 336-722-8148
Website: www.aperturecinema.com
Fri-Sat: 2:40, 7:20
Sun: 12:00, 5:20
Mon-Wed: 5:40