You Gotta See North Face at a/perture This Weekend

Last night I got a sneak preview of North Face and I can tell you without reservation that if you're in town this weekend you really should head over to a/perture and see it.  Since I'm not a professional reviewer I won't even try to sway you with descriptions of the cinematography (okay, it was awesome) or go into great detail about the acting (okay, it was superb).  What I will tell you is that:

  • It will have you on the edge of your seat
  • You'll feel a might bit cold watching it
  • You'll totally forget that it's a German movie with subtitles

The film is set in 1936 and is based on a true story.  Here's the setup:

  • No one has ever climbed the north face of the Eiger
  • The Olympics are coming to Germany and a bunch of German Alpinists want to be the first to climb the north face so that they'll be able to bask in their glory at the Olympics
  • The Germans haven't annexed Austria yet, but they're planning it and that plays into the plot
  • Two young German climbers (our heroes) decide to give it a go
  • They're competing with two Austrians to make it to the top

Add a love interest to this mix and you've got a nice plot. Add the aforementioned cinematography and acting and you've got a really good movie.  Since I have two thumbs I'm going to point them both up for this one.

Here's the skinny on showtimes at a/perture.  Really, you should go (they serve beer and wine!)

311 W. Fourth St. (Across from Mellow Mushroom)
Winston-Salem, NC
Phone: 336-722-8148
Fri-Sat: 2:40, 7:20
Sun: 12:00, 5:20
Mon-Wed: 5:40

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