The Frandom

The Frandom, shorthand for “The Friday Random”, might be:

  1. A single post
  2. An occasional feature
  3. A weekly feature of the blog.

If I had to bet I’d put my money on number 2. Anyway, it’s intended to be a place where I share random stuff I found interesting this week. If you go through the thousands of posts on this blog you might find I’ve tried something like this before – I honestly can’t remember – but this will be the first time I’ve created a category called Frandom that I can use to organize these posts if they happen. Here we go:

10% of Americans Have 10+ Alcoholic Drinks Every Day

Why Cats are Dicks

NFL’s Pink October Breast Cancer Campaign Misguided?

Walmart Heirs’ Net Worth Greater than 1,782,000 Average Americans Combined

Wake Forest Lab Working on Lab-Grown Penes

The Most Boring Men’s Club Calendar – if ever there’s a calendar I’d be in, this is it.

 7 Netflix Hacks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

How to Get Your Pictures Printed on Wood

Video of the Week – Insane Bike Ride

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