The One, Yourself

Dr. Cyndi Briggs lives in Winston-Salem and teaches at UNCC and Guilford Colllege.  She's very active online – you can find her blog here and you can also follow her on Twitter – and writes a lot of stuff that quite frankly aren't in the sweet spot of your average American dude.  

If you're like this American dude and constantly trying to figure out what makes women tick, especially the women in your family, then reading her stuff can be an educational experience. All of which is to explain how I came to listen to her piece on WFDD after she mentioned it on Twitter and had a real "a-ha" moment after listening to it. Let's just say I'm going to make sure my daughter listens to it because I think it's that important, and I highly recommend you listen to it too even if you're not a dudette.

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