Freakonomics Dude in Camel City!

I might be one of a handful of people who will think this is exciting, but so what? Freakonomics coauthor Stephen Dubner is going to be playing a gig with his old band in Winston-Salem this week. From the Freakonomics blog:

A long time ago, I played in a rock band, called The Right Profile. It was a great deal of fun. We wound up getting a record deal with Arista…

But I quit the band about a year later. We were in the middle of making our first record. I decided I didn’t want to try to be a rock star after all, as much fun as it was. Writing suits me better.

I pretty much went cold turkey and have performed almost no music since then. But all these many years later, The Right Profile is set to ride again, if only for a few songs. We were asked to participate in a concert by the Vagabond Saints’ Society at a centennial celebration for the city of Winston-Salem, N.C., on Fri., May 7, from 7-10 pm.

I can’t wait. Winston-Salem has produced some amazing music over the years (the dB’sBen FoldsLet’s Active, the AlisonsDillon Fence, and many more), and it will be great fun to hear these guys again and crawl backwards into the time capsule. Also I can’t wait to play again with my bandmates Tim FlemingJeffrey Dean Foster, and Jon Wurster.

The date is actually May 10 and according to the centennial celebration website the  Vagabond Saints' Society show will be at 6th and Cherry. Should be a blast.

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