Crossing Your Ts, Dotting Your Is

A story from Mt. Airy, NC highlights why you have to be very careful when you have a raffle or other fundraising contest at one of your events:

Vickie Riekehof was called out as the winner of the raffle for a 2013 limited edition Fiat Abarth, or that is what she thought. After arriving to claim the car, she said David Chaloupka, owner of Amadour Winery and Vineyards who oversaw the contest, told her that she had to toss a Frisbee into the car’s open window from a point estimated to be about 90 feet away.

She claims there was no such rule for the contest when she purchased the $100 raffle ticket.

Bob Meinecke, organizer of the festival and member of the Mount Airy Rotary Club, said it was his understanding the instructions would be printed on the ticket and on the literature about the event.

“There was a misunderstanding. We refunded her money and apologized,” said Meinecke. “It was a he said she said thing. My understanding was that verbal instructions were given to each person who purchased a ticket from the salesperson.” He said that person was Chaloupka.

Word of advice: whenever you're trying to separate people from their money, even for a good cause, never allow it to be organized in such a way that it come down to a "he said, she said thing."

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