I Think I Owe My Wife an Apology

This piece at bookofjoe.com is about how husbands and wives who have been married a long time start to resemble each other. From the post:

More from Albergotti: "In a seminal 1987 study, Robert Zajonc, a psychologist, found that married couples began to look physically alike over time. Participants in the study were asked to look at individual photos of people and then match the photos of the ones who seemed to fit together. When shown photos of couples early in their relationships, the participants were unable to match them. But when they were shown photos of couples who had been together 25 years, they often matched the photos with the correct partner. Couples who reported being in happy relationships were matched more than unhappy couples."

This seems to be another case where the men defnitely make out better than their wives, and after reading the piece it I feel compelled to apologize to my wife if I've managed to bring her down to my level.

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