Time Lapse Child Rearing

The video below is pretty cool; it's a time-lapse video of photos taken of a girl every day (almost) from her birth to her 10th year.  My first thought upon seeing this is that in a couple of years the parents are going to wish they could time-lapse the teenage years for real.  Just sayin', the two bid 'D's (dating and driving) will drive you to the brink.


4 thoughts on “Time Lapse Child Rearing

  1. Jon Lowder

    I was just telling my wife how much I regret not taking more video the last few years.  But life gets in the way, and if it didnt wed have nothing to regret:)

  2. Jon Lowder

    Youre absolutely right Teddy.  I think one of the reasons its remarkable is that so many of us would like to think we could do it, but really 99.9% of us would drop it after two weeks.  Ive been a crappy parent when it comes to memorializing my kids growing up years; I didnt even do the pencil marks!


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