Let Me Tell You How America Works

Found at the ever interesting local blog The Seventh Sense is this quote from the Washington Post's election coverage:

"Let me tell you how America works," says Foley, who wears a plaid shirt, a mallard-print tie and a woodpecker feather in his fedora. "You have Democrats voting for Democrats and Republicans voting for Republicans and then you have these people down the middle who are — " he lowers his voice " – undereducated, and are trying to make a living and do the best for their children, but they're so busy that they realize two weeks before an election that, 'Gee, I better start watching TV to get some news,' and by then the richest [expletives] in America have shoved their [expletiving] money into attack ads and that's what this middle group of people sees, and they vote accordingly and they're the ones who steer the country."

1 thought on “Let Me Tell You How America Works

  1. Curt

    HMMMMMMM….. Those dim-witted people in the middle he is referring to are the independents, like me, who definitely do steer the country. The Republicans can thank us for this victory. And Obama can thank us for his victory too. We’re the ones who decided to give him a chance because we were so pissed off at Bush. All the Republicans and Democrats can all vote for each other in unison but they can’t win an election without us.


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