The “Baby” of the Family is 14

This has been a heck of a couple of days.  First, our two oldest had their first prom this past Saturday.  If that's not enough to get the "I can't believe I'm this old" angst cranked up, the fact that our "baby" turns 14 today really hammers the point home.  Below are some of my favorite pics of Justin through the years, but of course they don't do justice to the boy who's growing too quickly into young man status.  They don't tell you that he's an incredible book worm; that he's shy to the point of seeming reticent, but when the flood gates open a whole stream of thoughts come pouring out; that he possesses such an incredible imagination that when he does share his thoughts it's often difficult for us mere mortals to grasp where he's going; that under that soft exterior is a surprising iron will and stubbornness; in short there's no way you can tell what an amazing young man he is.  Happy birthday J.








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