Lewisville NC, Hollywood East?

From a Yes! Weekly article about the new North Carolina movie incentives:

Rushtons Crimson Wolf Production released the
multimillion-dollar, sci-fi action thriller Eyeborgs in 2008. Eyeborgs tells
the story of a near future where robotic surveillance cameras keep constant
watch for possible criminal activity, and was shot entirely in Winston-Salem
using local crew.

Crimson Wolf, based in Lewisville, was started in the Triad
because we live here, says Rushton, the we referring to his partner in the
company, Richard Clabaugh.And because there's lots of great cast and crew
people and there's just no reason for Crimson Wolf to move anywhere else. Plus
the new incentives have fired up filmmakers we know to finally get projects
going they've been putting off, which is only going to grow the filmmaking

community already here.

Eyeborgs stars Adrian Paul, known as The Highlander in the
TV series and recent feature films, and Danny Trejo who played Machete in
Robert Rodriguez's Grindhouse. Its CGI, or computer generated graphics, were
described in a review on the film website the Quiet Earth on April 30, 2009 as
being more realistic and effective than mega-budget Hollywood spectaculars like

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