Red Alert!

Okay people this is critical.  The dog pictured here showed up at our house yesterday and must have decided it's a cool place to hang out because he won't leave.  He's well groomed and fed so I'm thinking someone out there is missing him.  Why's this critical?  For the following reasons:

  • We've already adopted two dogs in the last year and if we end up with a third I'll have to refinance just to feed them all.
  • I can hear you saying, "Well just take him to the shelter."  Unfortunately he's a sweetheart of a dog and I can already see the soft spot in my wife's heart for him so the shelter is NOT going to be an option.
  • The kids have already named him Cujo.  That's not good.
  • Riley, our recently adopted black lab, was just starting to settle down and behave and now we have another large male dog that's trying to establish dominance by mounting him every 30 seconds.  I'm afraid that Riley will chew another door frame or two before we get him readjusted.
  • Mia, the little girl in the bunch, will probably need dog therapy if this goes on much longer. 

So, if you know anyone in the Lewisville vicinity that's missing a dog that looks even remotely like the one pictured please have them get hold of me. 

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