The Wake Forest Connection to the David Letterman Affair

Local blogger Ken Ashford writes that one of the women who had a sexual relationship with David Letterman is a graduate of Wake Forest:

UPDATE:  One of the female employees Letterman had a sexual affair with was named Stephanie Burkitt.  She's a New Hampshire native and a Wake Forest graduate (she's following me!).  That relationship ended in 2003, before David's child was born (and before David married the child's mother).  Burkitt later became involved with the Halderman, who apparently accessed Burkitt's diary, and got the goods on Letterman.  Burkitt is apparently "mortified" that Halderman would have done something like that.

1 thought on “The Wake Forest Connection to the David Letterman Affair

  1. Mike Davenport

    Agree whole heartedly on the Scott Card piece and I’m a full fledged conservative! I don’t understand we can’t discuss things any more without getting enraged to the point of being closed minded. Our forefathers had differing political viewpoints but pulled together to lead our county to defeat the “super power” of the day. Our differences are what make us great. I think they would be disappointed. My thanks to the likes of Limbaugh and Olbermann.


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