links for 2009-10-01

2 thoughts on “links for 2009-10-01

  1. Jim Caserta

    Card makes a simple logical mistake and says things that should be mirrored to the right. “You can only build a majority by winning the hearts and minds of the people who disagree with you.” This is only true if less than a majority agree with you. If a majority agrees with you, you don’t need those that disagree to form a majority.
    “You’ll notice that I have no qualms about insulting the extremists of the left, but that’s because there is no way to win them over anyway.” Shouldn’t that apply the other direction to extremists on the right?
    “But I don’t have to persuade them, because they are not the majority, though they were able to get nominal control of Congress”??? They’re not the majority, except in Congress?
    “Besides, if Obama doesn’t face a Congress solidly in control of the Republican Party after the 2010 election (the way Clinton did after 1994), it means that either the Republicans really are the “stupid party,” or the American people are grimly determined to keep getting kicked by the same mule.” So, if in 2010, Democrats still hold Congress, Card is saying, either the Republicans are stupid, or Americans are stupid? Talk about contempt.


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