And We Wonder Why the Banks Are in Trouble

So one of my employees and her husband just closed on their first house last night, but only after their mortgage company put them through the ringer on Monday and Tuesday.  They'd submitted all their paperwork in early July and had been assured that everything was in order.  On Monday they called just to make sure everything was cool and that's when the mortgage company pulled the "well we don't have everything we need from you" routine even though everything had been submitted and receipt had been confirmed weeks earlier. 

One of the things that the mortgage company said was missing was verification of my employee's employment so she gave them my direct number and they said they would call right away. That was mid-day on Monday and by five they hadn't called so she called back and the woman she was dealing with said that she'd talked to me and everything was okay.  In other words the mortgage company's rep lied or had a conversation in her head that she confused with a phone call to me.

Cut to this morning. I received a call from the mortgage company to confirm my employee's employment.  Like I said, they closed last night so really the horse was out of the barn.  I guess if she had lied the mortgage company could have taken possession of the house as a recourse, but I can't imagine there are many banks out there that would want to take possession of another house in this day and age. 


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