Government by Facebook

Over in Greensboro there's been a push to reinstate protest petitions and it's a pretty heated battle.  It's a complicated story and if you don't track Greensboro politics it is kind of hard to follow. To summarize let's just say that in most of North Carolina residents can file a protest petition if they don't like something going on near their property.  In Greensboro residents don't have that capability (again, a long story), but now there's a grass roots effort to get protest petitions reinstated. At a recent Greensboro city council meeting the council decided to address the issue but they left things a little confused.  From what I can gather they asked a group representing the development side (TREBIC) to work with those who want the protest petition reinstated to work out a proposal to be sent to the state legislature.  That's where things stood as far as I understood it.

Then I read Ed Cone's blog this evening that said that State Senator Don Vaughan announced on his Facebook page that he'd co-sponsored Senate Bill 67 titled Greensboro/Restore Zoning Protest Rights.  And Ed reports that Senator Vaughan's wife left a quick comment that said the House posted a bill with the same name (#64).

I guess this is what they mean by "Government 2.0".

1 thought on “Government by Facebook

  1. droopy dog

    Jon, it has been a long process but there has been a blog on this for over a year on this issue, here is the link.
    We were still trying to figure out about the Greensboro City Council what part of STATE LAW do they not understand. The compromise was a joke when they brought it up on the 21st and now as you can see the state legislators know that they aren’t going to change a state law just for Greensboro when every other city in this state abides by STATE LAW.


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