News Juxtaposition

I just received my daily email news update from the Winston-Salem Journal and their lead headline is the crash of a Charlotte-bound US Airways flight into the Hudson River in New York.  Not to make light of that story, which hopefully will find that no one was seriously injured since early reports seem to indicate that the plane seemed to stay atop the water until rescue boats could get to it, but it's what's under the headline and the accompanying photo that was kind of jarring.  It's this sentence: "Also, Midfielder Michael Lahoud of Wake Forest went as the No. 9 pick, to Club Deportivo Chivas USA, based outside Los Angeles."  That's followed by the link to the "Full Story" which is the airplane crash story. (Click on the picture to the left to see what it looked like).

It looks like the wrong description was attached to the headline, which is too bad for Lahoud since it's a happy occassion for him.  It's also a tad confusing because until you click through to the story you think maybe he was on the plane or something.  Why else would he be mentioned?  I suspect that what happened was that the MLS draft story was the lead until the plane crashed and they had to do a last minute switch and forgot to change the description.

But let's end on a positive: kudos to the Journal for highlighting two of Wake's soccer players getting drafted.  All too often the Deacon soccer program is forgotten despite being a national powerhouse.

2 thoughts on “News Juxtaposition

  1. AMR

    And yet in true WS-J fashion they can’t give proper credit to a W-S kid, Mt. Tabor graduate Sam Cronin for being the #2 pick overall. Lahoud is from VA. I mean, if you’re going to mess up a national news story, do it to highlight a local!

  2. Camel City Tumblr

    I expect that the lead paragraph was on Cronin and was cut out (the “Also, Michael Lahoud… ” sounds like a later part of the story about the draft as a whole).


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