This is kind of cool: I just read a press release about a new business-to-business magazine being launched by Hispanic Marketing Consultants here in Winston-Salem and targeted to Hispanic store owners and at the bottom I see that a buddy of mine is their contact for buying ad space.  Danny Gelatt is a good guy and we've mixed it up on the tennis courts over the last couple of years.  Here's the scoop on Abasto:

The idea for Abasto magazine came from entrepreneur Dan Calhoun, principal of Hispanic Marketing Consultants. "Our company has worked with a lot of Hispanic business owners who work very hard and have been successful. But we found that there was a knowledge gap for them, one that prohibited them to grow their businesses into greater profitability. First and foremost, our job is to give them the essentials of best business practices that they can apply to their companies. 

"But we also paid attention to the fact that many manufacturers and distributors of Hispanic foods have not had a way to communicate efficiently to this large and growing Hispanic population of business owners," Calhoun continues. "These groups have been virtually untapped — and now this magazine becomes the platform to connect. It's a perfect way to accelerate sales to this significant audience." 

For more information, contact Francisco Camara at editor@abasto.us or 877.817.3674. To discuss advertising opportunities, contact Danny Gelatt at dannyg@abasto.us or 877.817.3674.

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