Fec has assembled a compendium of interesting information on bartering:

Green Apple is making it work in Pittsburg:

Green Apple works through a credit card system. If someone with a Green
Apple credit card buys goods or services, those are offset against what
they can sell to someone else with the card.

Green Apple charges retail prices, so there is no price break when using the Green Apple credit card.

The company also has a string of brokers who spend their days on the
phone trying to hook up potential trades. Last week the Green Apple
brokers had $2 million worth of John Deere commercial equipment they
were looking to unload.

Ithaca Hours are available in New York:

Over 900 participants publicly accept Ithaca HOURS for goods and
services. Additionally some local employers and employees have agreed
to pay or receive partial wages in Ithaca Hours, further continuing our
goal of keeping money local.

From Riding Out the Credit Collapse by Douglas Rushkoff:

The more connected you are to the real world, and the more consciously
you reject the lure of the speculative ladder, the less of a willing
dupe you’ll be in the pyramid scheme that’s in the process of
collapsing all around us at this moment.

Think small. Buy local. Make friends. Print money. Grow food. Teach
children. Learn nutrition. And if you do have money to invest, put it
into whatever lets you and your friends do those things.

Victoria, BC deals with the shortage of Canadian dollars:

Members open an account by paying a registration fee.
When members sell goods or services they earn Green dollars, and their
accounts are credited. When members buy goods or services they spend
Green dollars, and their accounts are debited.

1 thought on “Bartering

  1. Fec

    A belated thanks. I somehow missed the Yes! Weekly article the week before about Velocity Trade Exchange. I just got up one morning and wondered about bartering, to discover LETSytem, an open source app for managing bartering nets. Later, I found an opinion that local currency was the better way to go. Before I knew, I had conceived of and printed my own Natty Hour. It was of absolutely no use, but terribly entertaining. Let’s hope such things will never be required.


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