Winston-Salem Journal Sports Boo Boo

Apparently it’s a bad week in the local newspaper copy editors union.  Yesterday the Greensboro News & Record made a large gaffe when their very large headline stated an $85 million sum rather than the correct $85 billion, with a "b".  Today we have a smaller, yet still embarrassing snafu at the Winston-Salem Journal.  To the left you’ll see a scan of the sports section from today’s paper that landed in my driveway (click on it to see a larger version).  You’ll notice that the text next the picture of the football player says "Write cutline here about what going on in this photo. Write it a bit more full."  Don’t think that’s what they intended to print there.  Wonder if that error appeared in every copy or only the part of the print run that I received?  I’m also wondering what it means to write a bit more full.

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