My Brain Virus

Phone rings:

Me: Hello?
Mom: Do you have some kind of brain virus?
Me: Uh, wadda you mean?
Mom: A puppy?
Me: Oh, yeah.  Well, uh, you know, Celeste and the kids have been wanting a puppy for a while and this just seemed like the right time and situation, you know?
Mom: I guess.  Bert read your post about the puppy and said some people just insist on erecting a cross and nailing themselves to it.
Me: Well, she seems to be a good puppy so far so I’m not feeling crucified yet.  Give me a few days, though, and that may change.  And you know we thought that now would be a good time because Arthur (note: our six year old black lab) will be able to kind of lead by example and so far it seems to be working. We’re hoping that’ll keep the level of trouble down.
Mom, laughing: I’m trying to picture Grandpa Arthur with the little whipper snapper.  Does he like her?
Me: Well he’s accepted her, but “like” would be a little strong.  She tries to play with him and if she gets a little too frisky he gives her a growl and she instantly flops on her back and submits.  So I guess you could say they get along.
Mom: Well that’s good.  Now, I have a question about my wireless service…

Really, so far puppy Mia has been a pleasure to have around.  Here she is with Grandpa Arthur:


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