Real Adventure in Air Travel

Next time I complain about air travel remind me that it can always get worse/scarier.  For evidence I give you today’s emergency landing of a small US Airways plane at our very own Piedmont Triad International Airport.  WXII has video of the landing here.

The short Greensboro-Charlotte flight is a very common flight for folks connecting to more distant locales from the Triad and so I think many of us can imagine ourselves sitting in that teeny-weeny prop plane and looking out the window to see one of the propellers stop working.  When I flew from Burlington, VT to La Guardia last week I was on a plane just like the one with the problems today and I can tell you that one of my thoughts was, "I wonder if they ever have engine failures on these things."  Of course you could think the same things about small jets too, but for some reason it seems so much more likely with a propeller.  I realize it’s not logical to think that way, but maybe because you can actually see the propeller in action it seems much more vulnerable to failure than a jet with it’s turbine function all but invisible to the naked eye.

Anyway, I can tell you that if I was on that flight I’d have given the pilot a loud ovation the second we touched down safely.  I also would have kissed the ground as soon as I was off the plane.  Not sure how I’d have felt about getting on another flight though.

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