Hopefully Mine Will Be Appropriately Offensive

Esbee lists some euphemisms for "died" that were used in today’s obituaries in the Winston-Salem Journal.  Most involve God which is no surprise for this town, but when I’m ready to chew dirt I hope those responsible for my obituary come up with something quirky, odd and downright offensive.  I was thinking I could mandate it in my will, but that requires the kind of planning everyone knows I’m incapable of so I’ll just leave it to my dearly un-departed.

2 thoughts on “Hopefully Mine Will Be Appropriately Offensive

  1. Esbee

    Don’t bother. The will isn’t usually filed until after the funeral. You’ll want to stick it in your Living Will, right next to your DNR.
    I once saw one that said so-and-so went out to the field for the last time, which doesn’t mention God. I’ve seen baseball metaphors, NASCAR metaphors, you name it. I live for obituary euphemism. It’s a fine art, as far as I’m concerned.


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