Good People

I’m adding a new category to this blog called Good People.  Below is an excerpt from this article in the Washington Post (found via bookofjoe) that represents what this category is all about:

Newly resident among the hills of West Virginia, I was making my
daily descent to the post office when the windshield wipers slowed, the
radio turned itself off and the dashboard lights dimmed. I pulled into
a Shell station and came to a slow but final stop. It was the beginning
of a three-day weekend. There was no mechanic on duty and the guys at
the adjacent hardware store couldn’t muster anyone on the phone. I was
stuck — until a lanky man with a long stride walked in.

figured that I needed a new alternator. He jumped my battery, followed
me home and called around to find a parts distributor who promised to
deliver the following day — a Sunday. Walking back to his truck, Rufus
said in his soft drawl, "I notice that you only got the one vehicle out
here, so I’m figuring you’re stuck. You need anything? I can take you
to get some groceries." His generosity seemed remarkable, but more was
to come…

at the house, Rufus put my car back together with the help of some
gardening wire. As the battery recharged I asked how much I owed him.

I’m not worried about that," he said. "I figure if I get paid for work
I do on a Sunday, next time I’m in trouble people’ll pass me by instead
of stopping to help."

I saw a loophole and offered to pay him for his work the day before.

He laughed. "You know that phrase, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’?"

"I’ve heard it."

"That’s all I’m saying."

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